Alaska Fine Art is a family owned art gallery featuring master sculptor Eddie Lee. Although he has been carving since 1980, he wanted to personally showcase his work opening Alaska Fine Art in 2015 located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Eddie hand carves his sculptures from natural stones from around the world and Alaskan fossils. Soapstone, marble, and selenite are some of the stones he started his career with and still works with today. In the early 2000's, Eddie began carving fossilized mammoth ivory, fossil mammoth molars, fossilized walrus ivory, and various fossil bones. These relics have a story to tell and he is their narrator. In 2017, his daughter, Kathy Lee joined to help tell his story and manage the gallery. At Alaska Fine Art, you'll also find one of a kind silver, gold, and fossil jewelry.


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The Ice Age by Eddie Lee