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Ammolite fossils are most known for their iridescent, rainbow glow. This ammolite pendant is a small piece of a fossilized Ammolite Shell.  Ammonite creatures were part of the cephalopod family during the Mesozoic Era, dating these fossils at the least 66 million years old. Under great pressure and being surrounded by certain minerals, ammonite shells start to form platelets of minerals giving them an opal like iridescence. Once that occurs, the fossil is now called an ammolite. Fissures and unevenness are natural features of the ammolite. The pendants are sealed with a thin layer of resin, so they are smooth to the touch and well preserved. As you move, you'll notice a chromatic shift and may see greens, oranges, reds, blues, and sometimes purple!

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Item #422

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